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Tuesday, July 15, 2003  

New York Stories, Part Two

I’m proud to hand the reins over to my lovely wife Trash, who today tells you about Day Three of the great New York City Special Librarians Association Conference Massacree. Second in a series.

Monday [June 9] started out crisp and clear, especially for those of us (ok, ME) who had to be at a breakfast meeting by 7:30 A.M., fifteen blocks away. Comfort self with knowledge that hearty breakfast is imminent, and that previous day's hunger shouldn’t be a problem. [Note to readers: "hearty breakfast" for Ms. Trash would consist of 1.5 toast crusts dipped daintily in fried egg yolk. –CorpKitten]. Unfortunately, in New York a $40 lunch/breakfast buys you one (count it, one) bagel with cream cheese, water, OR coffee. It also buys you an interesting discussion on working virtually, and how to telecommute. Sadly, it brings out the rabid librarian who is convinced that identity theft will eliminate the virtual workplace in the next few years, and that he has an invention that he believes should solve such issues [Let me guess, the tinfoil hat made so popular by one of our colleagues from grad school? –CorpKitten]. Decide that said librarian is simply wishing he were interesting enough that someone would WANT to thieve his identity.

Return to room to wake the sleeping beauties. Convince them that now is the time to venture to the conference hall to see the many exhibits and goings-on that must occur at the convention. Also, we needed to register Chao so that he would be able to check his e-mails and such. Mention that we can pick up breakfast on the way. The final option is embraced, and soon we are on our way. Walk ten blocks in the opposite direction of earlier conference hotel (it would be so hard to find three hotels within a block of each other? In Midtown NYC?) and arrive at the headquarters. Note that the conference attendees are better-looking and more stylish than at the American Library Association conference two years previous. Also note that there wasn't much competition.

Spend the majority of the afternoon in workshops, having skipped lunch AGAIN (perhaps you are noting a trend. In fact, the best lunch I’d had at this point was the sandwich I purchased on Saturday when I met Sars at a coffee shop) to rush from meeting to meeting. Silently curse (okay, not so silently) CorpKitten and Chao for the fact that they were able to eat [You're forgetting the hot nuts we got on the street. And the beer. My receipt actually said "Lunch: 2 beers". I heart being a librarian –CorpKitten]. Begin to believe that I was less obsessed with food than I was simply bored with discussions.

[Chao spent the day walking the booths of the exhibit halls feeling good about his appearance and the fact that he is not a vendor standing at a booth at a library conference. Sure there were some funny looks and security checks to make sure Chao was really allowed to be in this area, but it all worked out. There was some good people-watching to do, so that's what went on. –Chao]

Meet up with Chao and CorpKitten for dinner, and then off to sit at our alumni table. Since we all went to the same grad school, we were asked to man the table and answer questions about the program. Arrive, and realize that we don't really know much about the program, and decide to wing it. Well, at least CorpKitten and I wing it. Chao is sent time and time again to acquire food and to purchase alcohol, as it was needed to encourage the winging it mentioned above. We are a rousing success (at least in our own minds) and from there leave to catch a cab to our next destination: a party sponsored by The Dialog Corporation.

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