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Friday, January 10, 2003  

Day three in Austin. We've been doing a lot of eating, wandering around, eating, and also some eating. Our first night, Omar--who turns out to be a very cool guy in real life, much to our lack of surprise--took us to a Tex-Mex place where we got food whose weight was straining plates the size of hubcaps. Last night we ate enough sushi and teriyaki to sink Okinawa. And tonight we're planning to go to one of those barbecue places where they just keep stacking food in front of you until they can't see you any more.

See, this is one of the reasons we go on vaction in January. It's not just to get away from the Minnesota winter for a few days (and it looks like we actually timed it right this year); it's also so we can maintain what our friend The Engineer calls "winter weight." I'd say we're doing okay there.

We're also working through our list of stuff to do. There was the Texas History Museum, with its multimedia presentation about Texas that was like a cross between a Universal Studios thrill ride and the pageant in Waiting for Guffman. We went to the LBJ Library and Museum, a rather grim-looking structure that we enjoyed, except that we couldn't get into half the museum or any of the library. Which saved us a lot of time, I guess, so there's that.

Pretty much, we're having a grand time here. More in the next few days. Maybe.

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