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Monday, November 18, 2002  

Saturday night, we went out to Kieran’s to meet up with some other fans of Television Without Pity, including TWoP recapper (and fellow Damn Hell Ass King) Miss Alli. It was really great to meet everyone who came and I would have liked them even if they hadn’t said nice things to me about this website. Hi, guys!

It was also a pretty clear demonstration of what a small world it is. For instance, the organizer, omega, works with somebody my wife knows. And her SO works for a school where Trash will be speaking in a couple of weeks. And she’s registered at my band’s website, which she found when both of us helped Sars with 24 Vines in 24 Hours. When we started getting e-mails from her regarding the upcoming meeting and I saw her real name, it rang a bell. But I never would have put it together if she hadn’t mentioned registering on the band’s site. When she said that, my brain finally made the connection: “That’s where I know your name from!” I exclaimed. I might have exclaimed more quickly a beer or two previous, but there was an exclamation nonetheless.

It was surprising because we don’t have all that many people registered on our band’s website, and we know pretty much everyone who is. Or at least every registered user is known to at least one of us. Or so we thought. I assumed that omega was a friend of my bandmate King Coil, since he knows people in the city she registered from. Not so much, as it turned out. She found us through me, over a year ago, and we never even met until two nights ago. Weird.

All of these assumptions and ignorance stem from the fact that in groups, guys don’t talk much. If we were, say, the Go-Gos or L7, we would have realized that there are people on our fan list we don’t know (espcially since those bands obviously have much bigger fan lists than we do). My three bandmates and I don’t spend any time together outside of directly band-related activities, so there’s not much opportunity for conversation there. And even when we’re at band, there’s too much rocking going on for a whole lot of conversation. Less talk, and more rock, as they say. We don’t even have to yell out the title of the next song we’e going to practice; one of us will play a few notes and the rest of us will just join in without having to speak. We'll bring up pressing topics, like "We need to put together a setlist for the gig we're playing in five minutes" or "We're about to get sued" or "The drummer's on fire," but none of us are much for idle conversation. It’s efficient, in its way. But I think we might be missing some interesting information.

Next practice, I’m going to ask which one of them knows the two people who are registered in Indiana. It could be someone that one of them knows separately from the band. Or it could be the two people that Kraftmatik and I played our guitars for at a Black Hills campground back in September 1999. They were from Indiana, as I recall. If they went to the trouble to find our website, after the band changed its name and everything, then they were a lot more impressed with us than I thought they were.

Also, I saw a bartender at Kieran’s whose dad was our Shakespeare professor in college. I’m back to the small world theme, in case that wasn’t clear.

* * *

Thanks to Shrednow for listing this site as their blog of the day. That puts me in some pretty impressive company, and you know how much I like being in impressive company. Thanks, Shrednow!

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