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Thursday, October 24, 2002  

I haven’t mentioned the ongoing story here, but I’m really glad the [guy who shoots people] thing is looking like it’s about to get wrapped up. It was obvious that he (or they) was just going to keep going until he got caught, so let’s hope he has been. Of course, I wouldn’t want to be a cop in [places where people have been getting shot] if somebody else takes an anonymous [caliber] bullet while their prime suspect is sitting in the tank. I’d be even less inclined to be the person taking the anonymous [caliber] bullet while the prime suspect is sitting in the tank, but that should go without saying.

In any case, I can’t ignore the [guy who shoots people] story any more, because it’s obvious that nobody else is. So many people are doing Google searches that include the words [guy who shoots people] and [names of suspects] and [name of police official] that they’re spilling over into my referral logs somehow. Since I’ve never even used the word [guy who shoots people] in the history of this blog, let alone any of those other phrases, I’m really not sure how so many people are finding me that way. I am, however, fairly sure that they’re disappointed when they do.

That’s why today’s entry looks like a Mad Lib™. I feel guilty enough about all the people who’ve come here looking for hints on how to get through [first-person-shooter game featuring a Jedi] and have no doubt gone away frustrated. The last thing I need is to have the entire Internet pissed off at me because Googling the phrase “washington d.c. maryland virginia sniper john allan muhammad john lee malvo montgomery country .223 caliber rifle” led them here.

Oops. Now I’ve done it.

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