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Friday, May 03, 2002  

Tomorrow's the day I rent a floor sander and start refinishing the hardwood in the second bedroom. I'm so looking forward to getting everything back in there where it belongs, but I'm a little intimidated by this machine I'm going to have to operate. I've heard horror stories about these things. They can remove a whole lot of wood in a very short time, which is after all their entire purpose. But there's a dark side. You let it stop moving for a second while the power's on and WHAM! It's in the basement. I think I have it figured out, though. All I have to do is be smarter than the sander.

Okay, that's it. I'm doomed.

Seriously, though, I should be okay. My dad's coming over to help me. A lot of the projects we've done over the past year never would have gotten off the ground without his effort and know-how (as well as that of my mom), so I'm confident he'll be able to prevent me from screwing this up too badly. Plus I can blame him for anything that goes wrong. Either way, I'm in good shape.

* * *

Trash's aunt came to town for a visit this evening. She's staying at Trash's mom's house in the northwestern suburbs of the city where we live. Which is why it was a little alarming when she called us on her cell phone from somewhere in the southeastern suburbs. Of an entirely different city. It seems she had gotten on a freeway going east instead of west like she was supposed to. By the time she called, she was almost an hour out of her way. I had to look at a map to figure out where she was. Why did she go the wrong way? Because someone told her the wrong way. What kind of idiot would give her such horrible directions?

I'll give you a clue. You're reading his weblog right now.

I'm really thinking that "whoops" is not a strong enough word.

Thank God she had a sense of humor about it. If I were her, I'd be kicking my ass over this. I might kick it anyway, just on general principle.

I'll hold off for now, but if my floor ends up looking like a My First Crop Circle project tomorrow, all bets are off.

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