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Sunday, May 12, 2002  

Hey! It's Mother's Day! What are you doing reading this? Go hug your mom!

Alright, fine. As long as you're here...

Yesterday my in-laws (including my wife's mother, in keeping with the Mother's Day theme) came over for a cookout. I got a chance to do some outdoor grilling for the first time this year. That was fun. In the sense that it wasn't.

For some reason, standing outside over the grill isn't quite the same when it's raining. Like it was yesterday. I'm one of those people who insists on grilling with charcoal. To me, there's just something so much cooler about building an actual fire and cooking something on it. Gas doesn't do it for me. If I want to cook with gas, I can stay in the kitchen.

If I had a gas grill yesterday, it would have been an entirely different experience. I know I looked plenty cool in my Perfect Storm foul-weather gear, with my jacket zipped to my chin and the hood pulled over my head. Any woman would have found me irresistible, the way I was holding the grill lid to protect the food and the fire from the rain. Plus I had to stand so close to the grill that by the time I finished cooking and came inside, I was ready for the cover of GQ with the tracks of smoke-induced tears cutting through the soot on my face. Sure, gas might be more convenient, but I'm all about the image.

* * *

In the city where I live, Mother's Day coincides with the annual "Race for the Cure," a 5K race in support of Breast Cancer Research. I was going to do this whole rant about how unfair it is that whoever wins the race really isn't likely to need the cure as much as the people who lose, but I don't especially want to go to Hell. So instead, here's a link to learn more about the organization behind the race, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. You can even donate online to the cause. Don't say I don't provide a public service around here.

Now go hug your mom.

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