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Friday, April 26, 2002  

The home improvement jihad continues.

As of Sunday night, we were just about finished with the second bedroom. All we had left to do was clean the carpet and move everything back in.

Our carpet is this joyless tan berber that covers the floors in our living room, hallway, study, and second bedroom. You know how carpet patterns generally have names like "Rhapsody in Wheat" and "Creme Dreme?" According to the carpet manufacturer's website, our carpet is a color called "Dingy Sanitarium."

It's not that we don't vaccuum it, because we do. We even hire people to come in and steam-clean it every year, which helps a little bit. For a while it actually looks nice. Then the cleaning chemicals dry up and their psychotropic effect on our brains wears off, leaving us right back where we were before, except poorer.

The last few times the carpet cleaners came we weren't able to let them into the second bedroom, because at the time it was either Trash's grad school classroom or somebody's home. So when we cleared out all of the stuff to paint it, we became aware of all of the mysterious stains in there that we knew we'd have to get rid of. Or at least we'd have to get rid of the ones that the furniture wasn't going to hide.

(By the way, I honestly don't know where the stains are from. All I know is that if you're reading this, it wasn't your fault. Okay?)

So Sunday night I spent about ten minutes trying to get rid of the stains. Then I peeked under the edge of the carpet to see what the floor looked like. Mmmm, hardwood.

This was a little after 10:00 p.m. By 11:00, Trash and I had the room's carpet rolled up and sitting by the curb with three Hefty bags full of padding, plus a bunch of wooden strips and about nine billion little carpet staples.

Now that the carpet's up, we can see that the floor isn't in particularly great shape either. I spent Monday evening skittering around and scraping wood putty into each of the eighteen billion staple holes. Now I'm going to have to rent a floor sander and learn how to drive it, and from what I''ve read so far about floor refinishing, it's going to be another two weeks before I'm done in there. I think it's going to be worth it though. Another ten minutes trying to get the carpet cleaned might not have killed me, but having that stuff in almost every room on the main floor eventually might have. Maybe we'll rip it out of the rest of the house as well.

Of course, that depends on how much work refinishing the second bedroom floor turns out to be. If it's really hard, that ugly-ass carpet might start looking good to me real quick-like.

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